HELLO Students



If you are thinking of booking a HELLO course you might be wondering what sort of person comes here as a student.

Well, as we have both homestay and non-resident students, there are actually two different groups.

Our homestay students are usually in their teens or twenties, and stay for 1-3 weeks in the Spring, Summer or Autumn. Studying for 10-15 hours a week, they combine friendly but effective English lessons with conversation classes, family living and exploring  English culture.

Most of our non-resident students are already living here - working or studying - and they attend for a few hours each week to improve their language skills for IELTS, Cambridge or other exams necessary for their career.

All of our students can be sure of a warm welcome, excellent teaching and our commitment to making their time at HELLO English both rewarding and memorable.


VISAS: We welcome students  from all over the world but we are not visa sponsors, so you will need to get your visa before applying for your HELLO course.


Last year, students came to HELLO English from all over the world. They came from Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and all across Western Europe.

In the first two months of 2012, we had students from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, South Korea and Belgium.

So, we have a pretty diverse ‘student family’. What they all have in common, though, is the courage to travel and the
desire to learn another language.

Recent students outside HELLO English in Moseley.